“Our continuous review of legislation and legal developments provides you with fresh insight from the beginning of the process to long after the deal is done.”

      Considering the magnitude of real estate transactions, and the long-term nature of real estate investments, clients require an experienced advisor in their corner from the very start. Menicucci Villa Cilmi has a long history of success in purchase and sale transactions, title examinations, quit title actions, mortgage closings, and development management. Our roots are in the handling of residential and commercial real estate proceedings and transactions, making our team an invaluable resource to your real estate portfolio.

      Sometimes straightforward, sometimes complicated, negotiating a contract and all the components of the process is a challenge for even the most experienced. Through every step of the process, including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiation of residential and commercial buy/sale agreements
  • Transactional due diligence
  • Reviewing and preparing contracts
  • Preparing covenants and restrictions
  • Preparing easements and right-of-way agreements
  • Obtaining title insurance for purchasers and lenders
  • Resolving title objections
  • Negotiating and drafting residential and commercial leases
  • Drafting Offering Plans and Declarations

      Our firm brings unmatched knowledge of the entire spectrum of real estate law. We have also represented many clients under real estate legislation ranging from enforcement of municipal regulations to claims, including environmental episodes, site remediation, zoning violations, covenants and restrictions, and quit title claims.

      Menicucci Villa Cilmi strives to identify and eliminate any stress with three simple and effective principles: diligent representation, reliable communication, and timely execution. We believe that a successful attorney-client relationship involves regular, substantive communication. We stay on top of all aspects of a client’s file and are committed to offering responsive recommendations at all points during representation.

      Our firm is a proven resource for both clients and the community at large and we handle thousands of real estate transactions annually. Our dedication to our clients ensures long-term loyalty, but we will never rest on reputation. We strive to evolve and always remain informed and flexible. Our continuous review of legislation and legal developments provides you with fresh insight, from early in the process to long after the deal is done.

      Whether purchasing a first home or developing a corporate real estate asset strategy, our clients are at ease knowing they have a team that truly understands the arena and is qualified to provide professional, reliable, and dedicated counsel.