The attorneys at Menicucci Villa Cilmi PLLC are adept and accomplished in all areas of law involved with real estate development, construction, and land use; including environmental issues. Whether you are an individual land owner or a major real estate developer, our firm will help you navigate the intimidating waters of land use and construction laws, as well as, their endless codes and regulations. The areas we concentrate on include:

      Land use: When government actions fail to fairly or properly apply environmental laws, the attorneys at Menicucci Villa Cilmi PLLC will zealously represent your interests. We have a solid background and vast knowledge in this complex arena. Our firm has successfully represented individuals and businesses in a wide variety of land use and environmentally related issues including, but not limited to: site remediation, wetland regulated development proposals, and defense of violations. Our experience also covers all matters concerning compliance and permits within city, state, and federal agency guidelines. We assist clients with respect to freshwater/ tidal/ wetland applications and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation violation proceedings, including the negotiation of consent orders and when necessary, proceeding through D.E.P. hearings and the Court system, to protect our clients’ rights.

      Construction Law: Land development and construction requires a greater depth of knowledge of a growing number of legal nuances. Many issues can cause a successful project to suffer great difficulty and delay – and in construction, time is money! We represent owners, lenders, architects, engineers, contractors, sub-contractors, developers, builders, construction managers, material men, and suppliers in all aspects of the construction process, from initial planning and strategizing, through project completion to dispute resolution. Our firm is familiar with both standard and customized construction forms and contracts, including A.I.A. contracts, and can draft all varieties of contracts to protect your interests and give you assurance. The projects that we have handled for our clients include large-scale residential and retail developments, major commercial rehabilitation and renovations, and new construction.

      Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Lien law and mechanic’s liens
  • Building code and zoning regulation compliance
  • Construction contract negotiation, drafting, and change order provisions
  • Retainage issues
  • Insurance issues
  • Litigation
  • Indemnification agreements and risk allocation
  • Scope of Work issues
  • Property claims (property line disputes, adverse possession, etc.)
  • Warranty and workmanship issues
  • Construction defects claims and disputes
  • Condemnations and Takings

      The firms unparalleled experience and knowledge of the construction industry and the various legalities involved make us the premier law firm to assist you with all of your construction law needs.

      In addition, for any building projects, Menicucci Villa Cilmi PLLC can assist both developers and financial institutions cut through all the complexities of construction finance transactions, whether they be condominium residential or residential subdivision projects, commercial buildings, shopping areas, multi-family properties, or affordable housing projects.

      No matter what the exact natures of your legal needs are, we stand ready to assist. Depending on the complexity of the case, our firm is prepared to assemble the right team of professionals and experts needed to assess the situation and defend our clients’ rights and interests. Our localized team performs intensive research for your specific issues and concerns in order to establish the best position for exceptional legal representation, settlements, and if necessary, litigation. The attorneys at our firm handle each environmental case with a solid and personal level of care. Our staff is dedicated to applying their individualized attention to our clients’ needs in every stage, from case review, to advisement to conclusion. Our firm is committed to overseeing the legal landscape for any new regulations and laws concerning environmental rights. It is this task of study that is a core ingredient to our excellence and success.