“Our team focuses on tempering zealous advocacy, with creative and efficient solutions to legal disputes that will provide you with satisfying resolution and lasting protection.”

       Few things cause more distress than the prospect of litigation. Lawsuits threaten unpredictability, and if handled improperly, can cause disruption of your focus on prosperity both in business and personally, and the consumption of substantial amounts of both time and money, As the number of lawsuits filed within the Courts continues to grow at accelerating rates in our society, confidence in your Counsel to handle your legal needs with precision, expertise and discretion is essential.

       At Menicucci Villa Cilmi PPLC we understand the invasive nature of litigation and we strive to minimize tension while carefully resolving disputes. Only after closely examining the entire scope of every situation do we offer feedback and advice. Our firm is committed to being completely informed of your concerns and understanding your specific goals and expectations.In those instances where litigation cannot be avoided, we focus on both vigorous representation and strategic planning, to obtain your desired result in an expeditious and efficient manner.

       As a multi-faceted firm, we bring considerable knowledge in various legal disciplines to the table when handling litigation, including, but not limited to, commercial and residential real estate transactions, business law, banking law, zoning, land use and environmental law, finance, and many more. This allows us to empower and protect our clients, when facing their most challenging professional and personal concerns in these areas.

       From pre-suit evaluation, to trial, and throughout the appellate process, our firm offers expertise in handling:

  • Including, commercial transactions and leases, business disputes, and more.
  • Real Estate Litigation, including claims involving commercial and residential transactions, partition actions claims
  • Residential and Commercial Mortgage foreclosures, including foreclosure alternatives. We have great success in litigating foreclosures quickly and efficiently, and when possible, negotiating alternate non-judicial measures that can increase investor returns, and decrease litigation costs, such as Deeds-in-Lieu of Foreclosure, short sales, forbearance agreements, and sale of distressed assets.
  • Mortgage Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modifications. Our firm has experience in both vigorously defending against mortgage foreclosures, and has had great success in working toward positive solutions for all participants in challenging scenarios, including mortgage loan modifications, reinstatements, forbearance, short sales, and Deeds-In-Lieu of Foreclosure.
  • Construction Litigation including contract negotiations, finance, management claims, arbitration, mechanic’s liens, contract claims and tort claims.
  • Land Use and Zoning Litigation including environmental law, civil enforcement of municipal regulations, administrative litigation of violations, environmental claims, site remediation, and zoning issues.
  • Commercial and residential Landlord-Tenant disputes, including negotiation of leases.
  • Prosecuting and defending Personal Injury claims
  • Banking Litigation

       Perhaps most important, our firm has a remarkable history of negotiating settlements before litigation escalates. We look for creative and efficient solutions to disputes that provide our clients with satisfying resolution and lasting protection. Should the need for litigation become apparent, we passionately protect our clients’ rights. With a team of experienced litigators, Menicucci Villa Cilmi has impressive success when action in the courtroom becomes necessary.

       With integrity, first and foremost, our firm advises its clients who are, or might become, involved in a lawsuit. Our team has the experience and insight to minimize disruption, protect your interests now, and develop a strategy to protect you in the future.