Business in today’s world is increasingly diverse. With perpetual innovation, rapidly changing technological advances, and evolving business strategies playing out on an increasingly global stage, the laws that govern commerce are constantly developing.

      More than ever, it is vital to have complete confidence in your counsel to handle your business needs with excellence, discretion, and knowledge of the shifting tides of business law.Menicucci Villa Cilmi PLLC is particularly well suited to meet all of your business demands. Through the integration of our business law practice with our banking and finance practice, commercial and contract litigation practice, and commercial real estate practice, we have the expertise and vision to ensure that your business needs are met in a comprehensive way. MVC has a firm grasp of the various components needed for a successful business, including, but not limited to:

  • Business entities: From corporations to partnerships, from limited liability companies to trusts, there are various forms of legal entities that can be formed to serve your specific needs and protect your interests. But how does one decide which is the best fit for your goals? We have the experience and foresight to handle the formation of the business entity which best suits your needs, to maximize the benefits, and minimize the risks to you and your business. From the adoption of a legal strategy, to the nuts and bolts of forming the entity, including drafting bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder resolutions, procuring tax identification numbers, and filing with the correct governmental agencies, we identify, manage and solve a wide variety of legal issues that apply to the formation of new business entities.
  • Contracts: There is no more basic component to business then a contract. However, what may seem at first to be a simple agreement can easily become very complex. Will a form contract truly protect you? We are prepared to draft custom contracts to address all of your concerns, with the foresight and insight to not only achieve your goals, but will also help avoid costly litigation, yet at the same time providing a formidable position should litigation become necessary. While any type of contact can be drafted, some usual business agreements include:
    • Buy/sale agreements;
    • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements;
    • Stock transfer agreements;
    • Licensing agreements;
    • Commercial leases, and many more.
  • Business Structuring: You have a newly formed business entity – now what? Just like building a strong home, a successful business requires much more than a firm foundation (it’s formation) – it requires an equally strong structure. Business plans, business development, sales and invoicing forms, accounts receivable and collections, corporate governance and contract administration are just a few of the additional components of a strong business. Our firm can assist you in the construction of your business from the foundation up with skill, creativity and experience.