Of Counsel – Joseph Sorrentino, Esq.

Joseph Sorrentino, Esq. is Of Counsel with the firm. Mr. Sorrentino focuses his practice in Criminal Law. Practicing in federal courts nationwide and state courts of New York and New Jersey, he is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor with more than three decades of experience. 

Practicing in federal courts nationwide and the state courts of New York and New Jersey, Joseph Sorrentino is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor with more than three decades of impressive performance, His contribution to our legal team offers our clients a fresh perspective and convenient access to a top criminal defense attorney, further underscoring our firm’s long-standing commitment to excellence.

He has worked the gamut of criminal cases, defending clients accused of illegal acts such as those involving organized crime; major drug cases; fraud; theft; gambling; racketeering; money laundering; alleged violations of the Hobbs Act, a federal extortion statute, and purported breeches of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission laws.

Mr. Sorrentino attended St. John’s University and St. John’s University Law School. He began his legal career in 1984 as an assistant district attorney in the Bronx and left four years later to pursue his passion of criminal defense.